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Measure: who, what, when, and where your products are used.
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Connect mobile users to physical things

We are a wireless technology company that enables businesses and consumers to identify, locate and authenticate billions of items (objects) connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).
1.   Create and deploy digital experiences for your physical products.  
2.  Manage marketing assets and set content rules.   
3.   Measure: who, what, when, and where your products are used.      

We deliver:

  • High content
  • Non-disruptive communications
  • Display content only to customers who physically interact with the product.


  1. Click Through Rate is 15% compared to eMail(2.5%) and Google AdWord (1.9%)
  2. Manage your products and associated content by: 

  • Objects 
  • Analytics- measure Pre & Post sales campaign deployment
  • Location experience
  • Building dynamic campaigns
  • We design, build and incorporate custom customer facing mobile applications into the experience

Organizations that have deployed our products and services are :

Public sector; Healthcare; Energy and Utilities; Automotive; Sports and Entertainment; Transportation and logistics; Retail; Manufacturing; Consumer Electronics; Agriculture farms; Political Campaigns; Voting using mobile.

How it works (FREE  Forever – not a limited to time offer but, limited to 3 objects with full access to our cloud software for you to create manage and gather analytics from your campaign’s)

 1.    Place label on items (labels cost pennies). 

 2.    Link a label /(product) with a campaign and /experience using our (free) cloud access SW no programming required. 

 3.    Automatically creates a dynamic campaign that links to your FB, Web page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Custom Mobile Apps and more++ .    

What the client has to do to engage - When a client or potential client taps their mobile Phone on the NFC tag they get a dynamic campaign or scans the QR they get a static campaign.    

What you as the advertiser get (Immediately) - Analytics appears on a Global map that you can drill down to see exactly where the experience happened or where the product was clicked; data can be also downloaded to a CSV MS excel file for further analysis and feed back into the campaign planning and design and verify what working and what’s not.    

What the Client take away - Client has the address on their phone forever and any changes you do to the campaign they see immediately.  They can also share the URL associated with the campaign to other mobile phone users that further acerbates your marketing of your products and services with just the URL   

Other uses:  Key and asset management, proof of presence, proof of ID, Proof of compliance, proof of service. election voting.    

Technology integrates Near field Communications (NFC); Geo-Positioning and Trusted source (GPS/TS); Cloud based software seasoned IT, telecom and marketing staff to provide profession services.  Data is captured using patented technology which cannot be cloned like traditional systems.    

Our product is designed for CFO’s -  To integration marketing, sales, inventory control, customer support, product support inventory plus more – no special expensive internal IT support needed using our cloud software and continuing personal training.  Your one stop shop for sales, marketing, lead generation, customer satisfaction-feedback and continuing support forever.   

Upgrades are available - for a reasonable cost for custom client facing Mobile apps to fully interface with our products and services.      

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